Get The Award Winning “Extreme Video Traffic” For $4.77

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Starting Saturday February 22nd, readers of “Marketing Mayhem” are in for a special deal.

I’ve created a secret discount page and for the next 24 hours, I’ll freeze the price of “Extreme Video Traffic” to only $4.77. (It sells everyday for $67.00)

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What Do I Know About Film and Video?

I’ve been creating marketing videos since before the World Wide Web was around.  Let me tell you that today it is easier and cheaper than ever (and by cheaper I mean you can do it for free with free software and no equipment, not even a camera is needed).  I’ll show you how to do it all.

Also, I’m an award winning filming maker.  And I also wrote and produced an independent feature film that was picked up for a nationwide theatrical release.  Yep, my little low budget film was showing on screens across the country right beside the $200 million dollar budget film “Transformers 2”.

Want To Know How To Make Videos For YouTube?

You will learn how, step-by-step, and also learn ways to do it without a camera and even without speaking or being on camera for those of you (like me) that are camera shy. 

Want To Know How To Get Video Traffic?

You will learn that too, with some simple methods that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Methods that I’ve tested and proven to work almost every time.

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